Wednesday 9 April 2014

I'm a DEMON...When Driving That Is!

Today my post is different from my usual, I hope you see the humorous side! 

My beloved Mini...pre baby of course!
In general I like to think that I am a calm, placid and patient individual. As a teacher I have to incorporate all those things! Those that know me well (very well) may say slightly different things but overall I believe I'm pretty chilled.

That is until I sit behind the wheel of my car. All starts off well but the smallest thing can trigger rage, fury and bad language. Living in London, a city you have to be an 'assertive' driver.
So here's a few examples of what provokes my anger...

Yes you are wonderful for doing your bit for the environment and helping yourself stay healthy on your commute or general jaunt. BUT why is it ok for you to cycle through red lights, chat on your phone and ride next to your pal side by side?
Of course I'm not referring to every single cyclist but I have seen MANY do the above.
Aside from the above you always seem to be in front of me when I'm in a hurry!

I'm sure all you van drivers think that us in our smaller cars should/will give way when squeezing down tight roads. Nope not me, I'm not bothered by your larger, white (usually) monstrosity. So next time don't attempt to intimidate me and look on in disbelief when I drive towards/past you. Oh and give me some lip or the finger, don't expect a pretty response!

Ah the iconic black cab of London so well known to the world. Taxi drivers share similar traits (in my opinion) to van drivers. You appear to believe you own the road. You pull over abruptly, sometimes without indicating to pick up a fare, causing those behind you to stop unnecessarily/brake hard/swerve. You literally force yourself into busy traffic as soon as you arrive at a junction, and will cut the rest of us up in various road situations.

Need I remind some of you that the safest place to be is on the pavement? Why oh why do you look so confused/annoyed when you step in to the road and then have to step back because cars are approaching? The road is for cars, don't attempt to cross when you see one approaching (if you're at a crossing that's a different story of course). The worst thing that you do is cross the road without looking, in particular I'm talking about not looking behind you when cars may be taking a left turn (Ok, I admit I've done this myself as a pedestrian). Keep yourselves safe, remember the green cross code? STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.

Drivers in the wrong
Nobody is perfect and I'm certainly not a perfect driver but I don't like being verbally abused by other drivers who made an error. When I was pregnant I remember one incident vividly. I was on the way home from work, queuing at a mini roundabout. I could see a car trying to edge it's way out of the position where they were required to give way. The car in front of me drove on, I began to follow when the driver who had been edging out pulled out right in front of me. Needless to say my horn was blasted and I uttered a few unpleasant words. When the male driver had the audacity to grind to a halt and mouth back at me I was probably the most infuriated I have ever been whilst driving. Some more.
I don't condone this sort of reaction whatsoever. Behind the wheel its almost like I have no control over it.

Breaking The Speed Limit
Ok it's something that the majority of drivers have done at some point but when it's five, ten, fifteen miles an hour or more over the speed limit, it's just not cool. Speed limits are there to keep us all safe!
 To the drivers that do this, no I won't speed up because you are up my backside. Remember if you bump in to the back of my car it will be YOUR fault. We all have somewhere to get to, it's your fault you're running late, not mine!

There we are, a few examples of what gets my goat when driving. It's funny how I wouldn't dream of being confrontational in any other situation, it must be because I'm behind metal and glass! I have become calmer since having Eliot as having an irate mummy shouting when your enjoying the scenery wouldn't be nice!

Do you change in to a different person when driving? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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