Saturday 26 April 2014

Here's your 10 month update Eliot!

Wow Eliot J you're 10 months old today, 10 months! I cannot believe in two months we will be celebrating your first birthday, it's ludicrous!

This month you do seem more grown up,  much more like a toddler than a baby! You continue to love being on your feet and taking steps holding on to someone's hand. I think you're a bit of lazybones when it comes to crawling as it still hasn't happened! But you have started the 'bum shuffle' move and can navigate yourself around on your tummy. In fact rolling onto your tummy in your cot the other day got you into a spot of bother. Your legs got caught inbetween the bars and of course you were very upset. I think as long as we put you in your sleeping bag this won't happen again.
You are still talking, lots of dadas, nanas, mamas and plenty of other noises!
When it comes to playing you seem to be more interested in your toys, particularly those with wheels, you adore spinning the wheels! At bath time you have started dropping your toys out of your bath and wait for us to put them back in the water so you can do the same thing again!
Excitingly you made your first ever Television Appearance on ITV. Mummy was asked to give her thoughts on using Skype to talk to doctors.
After filming. You did get a bit cranky but I'm sure most TV stars do! ;D
 We also celebrated your First Easter. You were spolit with not only chocolate but lots of other goodies too!

We had our first family holiday this month in rural Worcestershire, which you seemed to thoroughly enjoy. We did lots of things, country walks, safari park and Cadbury world visits to name a few.
  There are some videos of what we got up to over on You Tube but here's a few photos...
You loved going walks on daddy's back!

At Cadbury World

Trying to get a photo of all of us...You broke these sunglasses a couple of days later!

You still love your food but can still be a bit crafty when it comes to what you eat. You seem to like things such as pepper and courgette if they are in a pasta sauce but are not so keen on them if they're not!
You still have a 7oz bottle when you wake up and before going to sleep and have a 4 or 5oz one in the morning or afternoon.
We haven't had you weighed again but I have no doubts you are putting on weight!         

You are still on 9-12 months clothes mostly but it won't be long before you are in some 12-18 month clothes!


When we were away you slept in bed with me as you weren't too happy in your travel cot. It did get cold in the caravan so I think that had something to do with it. Otherwise you continue to sleep through the majority of nights. 

Your Likes/Dislikes

  • You still love all the same things as last month
  • Music is one of you're absolute favourite things You would rather watch and listen to nursery rhymes and programme intros than any program!
  • I think your dislikes are the same too, I don't think there are any new ones.

Until 11 months Eliot J

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