Monday 14 April 2014

Eliot's Daybreak TV Debut - Would you be happy with GP Skype consultatations?

Yesterday afternoon after a start on 'holiday washing' and some frantic tidying/cleaning, I opened the door to a couple of the Daybreak crew. If you were watching Daybreak just after 7am you probably caught us!
I was briefed over the phone on Friday on what would be happening, Eliot and I would be having a mock consultation with a GP over Skype to trial the 50 million pound pilot scheme which is being rolled out in certain areas.

 During the conversation I was asked what I thought about these new plans. My response was along the lines of, 'I'd probably be happy to use it if I assumed it wasn't something too serious'.

This in itself opens a can of worms, how many patients will just 'assume' their symptoms aren't serious? The GP won't be able to physically examine their patient. Of course they will ask them to come in to surgery if there is more concern but I can't help thinking errors will occur, important visual symptoms will be missed. From personal experiences I know GP's don't always get it right in a face to face consultation, but will this increase using the new method?

From the debate one of the biggest concerns is how older patients will be able to utilise this. My parents don't have the internet, never mind being able to use Skype!

Of course there are positives to this pilot scheme too. only time will tell if it is successful!

You can watch the discussion between the health secretary Jeremy Hunt and the presenters here

Here are a couple of pics post filming...
Post filming break

What are your thoughts on having Skype consultations with a GP?

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