Thursday 3 April 2014

Cue the's back to work tomorrow!

It's come round in a blink of an eye since going on maternity leave on 7th June last year. Tomorrow I go back to work. It shouldn't be too hectic (I hope). I'll spend time with the class I'll be taking over and hopefully get some planning done! It's only one day and then it's the Easter holidays so it will be fine. It's after the holidays that will be a bit more daunting but at least it's only a three days a week.I'll need to get my head round new things that have been put in place but you always do in teaching, there's always something new to put in practice! Tomorrow Eliot will be with his Daddy, after the holidays he will be with a childminder for one day and his Nana M for the other two days.

I have enjoyed all the time I've spent with Eliot so far. Part of me is sad it won't be as much as usual but part of me is also looking forward to being just 'me' again. I will get more done at school before midday than I do at home!

Will miss this little fella!

How did you feel about returning work after maternity leave?

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