Saturday 5 April 2014

Word Of The Week - TYPICAL!

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It was the last day of term so not a 'proper' day and I wasn't doing any teaching, thankfully. I just spent time in the class I will be taking over after the holidays.
The night before I'd been kept awake. Typical. Not by my baby boy but by my other baby the OH. First I was prodded a few times for snoring and then the OH said he felt unwell. I could hear his stomach gurgling and it wasn't long before he got up to be unwell. Suddenly my stomach began to gurgle. No, no, no' I said to myself I can't be ill when I'm due back in work for my first day. I didn't feel 100% and struggled to get back to sleep. When my alarm went off I got up, got ready and had some toast for breakfast. Just as I was about to leave I'd noticed one of the cats had made a mess just outside their litter box. Typical.
Driving into work I felt a bit queasy. On arrival I realised I had toothpaste all over my dress. Typical.
The best part of the day was assembly. Friday is always a class assembly and it happened to be most of the children I taught before going on maternity. There were lots of 'Miss Turner' and waves, which was lovely. I had taught a lot of those children for two years, as they were also my class when I was pregnant I have some very fond memories so it was lovely to see they were pleased I had returned. In my experience once a new teacher comes along, the old class forget you.
The rest of the morning was spent in the class I will be sharing with another teacher after Easter. At break I had a bit a cake but by the time lunchtime came round I couldn't face eating the sandwich I'd made and just drank some water. I began to feel slowly worse and it's a feeling a hate. Knowing that you're going to be sick but it biding its time.
School ended after lunch and I was having a meeting but continued to feel worse. On the way home I wondered if I would make it home in time, the car seemed to make me feel worse.
The OH had summoned his mum round so she had taken Eliot out. He said he was feeling better and popped out to the shop. I however wasn't. And before I knew it I was sick. Not quite getting to the loo quick enough. Typical. I felt horrendous for the rest of the day and was ill a couple more times and had a temperature.
I'm not certain if it was what we ate on Thursday or a bug. It was just TYPICAL it happened on my first day back at work and the day before we go on our first family holiday. Luckily I feel ok today but have not done any packing. Best get started!

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