Monday 28 April 2014

Worlds First Virtual Clinic!

I wasn't aware that colic affected up to one in four babies, were you?
Friends of ours have had babies who have suffered with colic, giving accounts of constant crying for four hours every night to being inconsolable. Awful for baby to be in pain and stressful for parents trying their best to treat and console their baby.
 I can't imagine Eliot screaming for hours and not being able to console him. It would be horrendous. We are thankful that colic is something he hasn't suffered with.
Infacol is Britain's first choice when it comes to treating infant colic. It is suitable to use from birth and is free from sugar, colour and alcohol.
Recently Infacol have launched the Worlds First Virtual Clinic introduced to help give parents some reassurance  about colic. This virtual clinic can be accessed at anytime of the day, which is ideal for parents who find themselves fretting during the night and can't call their GP.
For those parents who are worried that their baby is suffering from colic, you can now get support through your computer, tablet and smartphone. Infacol's new web app gives you assistance through video response answers to questions about colic. You can choose from 50 of the most common questions that are asked about colic or you can ask your own.
As a parent I have turned to the internet many times to investigate various symptoms and have been met by all sorts of responses. I think it's fantastic that Infacol have launched their new site, solely related to colic with answers in a video response.
If you think your baby could be suffering with colic head over to Infacol's virtual clinic for support. 
* I received some sweet treats as a thank you for writing about Infacol's new site.

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