Sunday 7 September 2014

Transport Theme Toddler Room

Ok I'm totally jumping the gun but today I purchased a few of these transport themed furnishings for Eliot's room when we move. We've sold our flat but haven't found anywhere to move to yet but I couldn't resist buying a few of these bits. Eliot is a huge fan of cars, buses, and other vehicles, he gets super excited when a big red bus passes by! When I saw some of the bits in Asda a few weeks ago I knew they would be perfect for Eliot.
The main picture shows quite a bit of the range, including the quilt and pillowcase set in cot bed size which I bought priced at £9. The top right picture shows the curtains which I haven't bought for a couple of reasons. I obviously don't know what size the windows will be when we move and I don't want to over-do the transport theme so I'm going to wait and see how everything looks! The next photo shows the fleece blanket which I bought priced at £5. Underneath is a fire engine rug which I also bought priced at £9. Last of all is the lampshade which I didn't buy, yet! I didn't buy the 'Stop' cushion as in store they have a bus one which I think will be more fitting for Eliot.
I also bought a cot bed sized duvet for £9.
The quilt cover also comes in single bed size too for those that are in single beds.
I think Asda have a gorgeous range of kids bedding, if you're looking for new sets definitely take a look!
Have you got a theme in your toddlers room?

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