Friday 5 September 2014

WOW Disappointed

Today I'm joining in with the Word Of The Week link over on the Reading Residence! Today I am feeling mostly disappointed.
Two weeks ago we had a viewing afternoon at our shared ownership flat and by the Tuesday we'd been told who had been allocated our flat. That meant we'd have to step up our search for where we were going to move to. We'd seen one property that had been on and off the market. I had a viewing confirmed  only to be rang back seconds later to be told it was off the Then another house cropped up which we looked at last weekend. It needed a lot of work doing to it but size and space wise it would have been ideal. On Monday we put an offer on the house. We spoke to the estate agent the following day who told us there had been four other offers...Eeek. I arranged a second viewing for Wednesday to take my mum along. I like to get my mums opinion on such important things! My mum agreed that it was a nice house but needed a lot of work doing to it.
Yesterday we were told we'd need to increase our offer if we were still interested. We raised it slightly  but yesterday evening we got the call to say it hadn't been accepted. Of course we are disappointed but my mum said it could be a blessing in disguise as it needed so much work doing on it. We would have probably spent more than expected.
So it's back to the search, hopefully we are looking at a couple tomorrow, fingers crossed!
The Reading Residence

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