Monday 1 September 2014

Vita Coco Kids Naturally Fruit Flavoured Coconut Water

 We were recently sent some Vita Coco Kids naturally  flavoured coconut water to try out. I'd heard good things about coconut water but hadn't got round to trying any, even though one of my friends who is a personal trainer had raved about it.
Now Eliot is over one, I've been giving him diluted fruit juice once a day and I'm on the lookout for low sugar drinks for the future.
Vita Coco Kids drinks do not have any added sugar, artificial colourings or preservatives and they are not from concentrate. They are available in apple & blackcurrant and orange & mango flavours.

I loved the packaging on the cartons and think it's very appealing to children. Eliot and I both tried the flavours. Obviously he couldn't verbalise what he thought about the taste but there were no doubts about him enjoying them as he guzzled them both from his beaker. I also enjoyed them and found them refreshing! Great for anytime of the day!
It's back to school this week and if you're looking for different drink options I think these are a fab for lunch boxes and I noticed they were on offer in Tesco the other day!

Have tried Vita Coco Kids?
*This is a PR sample

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