Monday 15 September 2014

Meet The City Kitties!

Apart from my About Us page I haven't really mentioned our pet cats, Mimi and Coco. I thought it was about time I did as they are a big part of our everyday life. They are our fur babies.  I pestered the OH about getting a cat when we moved in to our current home, he wasn't so keen but I persisted and one Sunday in 2011 two kittens moved in with us. I found them through Gumtree which in all honesty is not the way I would have like to have found them. I would have much rather rehomed them from a rescue centre. But I know they have strict guidelines and as we lived in a flat I knew it would be unlikely they would let us have any.

Mimi likes to think she is the boss and can be quite feisty but she is very affectionate and likes lots of cuddles. She also likes Eliot and will rub her head on him to show her affection. Eliot loves her too but is still a bit too rough with her.  
She also thinks she is a bit of a canine as she likes playing fetch with a plastic bottle lid. If you throw it she'll run after it and bring it back. Sometimes she will bring it to us to instigate the game!

Coco likes to keep herself to herself during daylight and avoids Eliot at all costs! He is too boisterous for her liking. She seems to prefer me to the OH and will seek my affection at certain times of the day, usually night time. She'll follow me into the bathroom and if she's not quick enough the door gets scratched until I let her in. She likes to drink from the tap in the kitchen and bathroom and lay next next to me in bed. 

They drive me nuts at times. like when Coco purrs and walks above my head during the night. She has probably woken me more than Eliot. Or when Mimi won't stop head butting me and gets in Eliot's way.
As friends they're not as chummy as they were as kittens, in fact they get quite uptight about each other and have little cat fights.

Anyway that's my little intro to our fur family :)

Have you got pets?

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