Monday, 13 April 2015

Our Weekend #1

I've read these posts on a few other blogs and I really like the idea of being able to read back over what you've done as a family over the weekend. I'm not sure I'll keep these posts up every weekend but here's my first one :)
On Saturday it was the other halves birthday. After a relaxed morning of opening presents and singing happy birthday we ventured to a country pub for lunch. 
I had a cheddar cheese ploughmans which was lush and sooo filling, I couldn't eat all of the cheese! The bread was fresh and crusty and all the bits went perfectly together! The OH had venison bouginon which he enjoyed and Eliot enjoyed chips & peas but wasn't as keen on the homemade chicken goujons!

Failed attempt at a family selfie

My boys

After lunch we headed to the shops and the OH treated himself to a chimnea for the garden which he is really quite excited about!
When we got home I packed Eliot's overnight bag as he stayed at my parents for the night so the OH & I could have some us time.
We took a walk over the fields at the back of the houses where we live to our nearest pub. It was the first night we've had out alone in a very long time! It was really nice to enjoy a few drinks and talk. Time together as a couple is really important but often difficult when you become parents.

There was a solo artist playing at the pub too so we got a bit of entertainment as well! 
The next day we had a cheeky  Mc Donald's breakfast, they always seem to taste good after being on the bevvies the previous night!
Later I headed to my parents to collect Eliot. He didn't seem to fussed to see me and was more interested in flicking through the Argos sale catalogue! 
We went for a walk to the park as it was a lovely but windy afternoon before waking back to my parents and playing before dinner.
Out on our walk

What did you get up to at the weekend?

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