Sunday 5 April 2015

An Eliot Update-21 Months

On Tenby Beach
It’s been a long time since I last wrote an update, in fact it was 4 months ago! So much has changed in that time!
We have moved out of your first ever home which was in London, to Bedfordshire. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go as expected and there were lots of things mummy and daddy needed to get done in the house before we could all move in. So you stayed with me at Nana and Grandad’s. We are in the new house now and you’re very happy, you like climbing up and down the stairs and you have more space in your new bedroom.
You have changed so much, you look so much older, you’re taller and your speech and language is really coming on. Over the past month or so you have been saying so much more, copying words we say and putting two or three words together like ‘all gone’, ‘bye Coco cat’. It’s just utterly amazing watching your development but you’re changing way to quick. You also have your own little language, at the end of last year it became apparent anything that resembled a train was a ‘googaa’. Other words are ‘sauce’ for your basket of bath toys and ‘dyas’ which we still haven’t completely sussed out. You have started to count, we count together when we walk down the stairs and you sometimes call out numbers, not quite in order yet. You have a bit of a lisp when you say words with an 's', it may just be because you're still developing your words but I wonder if using your dummy (which you call doe-doe) has played a part.
You play by yourself more and enjoy pushing vehicles around and parking them next to each other, when we're out you demand to play with your 'car' and use my arm as a road! You also enjoy colouring and it appears as though your gong to be left handed like mummy.
You’re still very active and strong willed. Quite (very) defiant at times and have some whopping tantrums. You’ll throw yourself on the floor and really make quite a scene at times which isn’t always the best thing when we’re out and about!
It really is amazing seeing you grow and learn, we are so very proud of you and all of your achievements so far.

Unfortunately you’ve been quite poorly a couple of times this year. It’s the first time you’ve really been knocked off your feet which was really hard to see as we know you are a boy who doesn’t keep still. We took you to hospital the second time you were ill back in February as we were worried about a rash. Whist we were waiting to see a doctor you suffered a febrile convulsion which was very scary. The doctors said it happens a lot to young children but it was still very worrying and we hope you don’t have anymore.
We were lucky enough to go on a holiday to Wales at the beginning of March which was lovely and nice to getaway as a family. We went swimming and you adored it, so mummy is booking lessons for you to do once a week. Hopefully you’ll start them after Easter.
We all looked around a pre-school for you last week and thinking that it will be good for you to help develop your social skills. It will be for two afternoons a week when I am at work.
Enjoying the sand pit on an afternoon out

For the first time the other day you told me what you wanted for dinner. I said I was going to make you something and you kept saying ‘pasta’.
Food wise you are definitely fussier and developed a taste for the foods that aren’t so great for you. Some days you will happily eat something, then the next time it’s served you downright refuse! You’re favourite food at the moment are pasta, cheese, raisins and anything (naughty) that is sweet.
You still enjoy your milk particularly in the mornings and evenings, often asking for it when you wake up.
I took you to the health visitor to be weighed and you’re now 15.9kg.
You are still wearing some 18-24 month clothes but you are also wearing some 2-3 years aged bits. We took you to get your feet measured a couple of weeks ago and your feet are still growing at different rates, one is a 7 and the other a 6 and a half.
Apart from when you’ve been poorly, you’ve been sleeping really well through the night. You usually nap for an or two during the day but sometimes fight it. When you do, you become one cranky little boy! So I think you still need your day time nap for both our sakes!
Not looking happy here but you adore your big cousin Ella
  • You love jumping in puddles no matte what footwear you are wearing
  • Playing with vehicles, particularly buses.
  • You love playing with your big cousin Ella
  • You still love the cats, whenever we leave the house you say 'bye Coco cat' even though Coco spends the entire days hiding from you
  • You prefer to be out rather than indoors and request to go to the park
  • Hand dryers are still a big dislike, you say 'no dryer' whenever your nappy is changed when we are out
  • Loud noises spook you, the fire alarm went off which really upset you
  • Large animals seem to worry you, we saw some horses today & you began to cry, I guess because you're not used to seeing them
Super Busy Mum

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