Friday 10 April 2015

You Know You Have Have A Toddler When...

Number 5

  1. "No" accompanied by a head shake is a response to most things.
  2. "No" also means "Yes".
  3. Throwing tantrums anywhere & everywhere (especially in public) becomes a regular occurrence.
  4. Crayons are for 'artwork' on the walls, floors and furniture. Not paper, silly mummy!
  5. Peppa Pig & In The Night Garden become part of  'essential' daily viewing.
  6. Laying in a field, road, on the floor at home or out (especially in public) is the done thing when your tired or mid-strop.
  7. Walking/running/jumping in any direction apart from the way you need to go happens daily (especially in public).
  8. Number 6 is usually followed by a tantrum.
  9. You ignore those disapproving or looks of pity from the public when numbers 3,6 & 7 take place.
  10. When things get really tough you use 'Peppa' and/or chocolate as a bribe.
  11. EVERYTHING you say is repeated.
  12. Particular foods are eaten one day then refused point blank the next.
  13. Toys and books are there to be strewn all over the place, not really to be played with or looked at.
  14. You dread changing a nappy (particularly number 2's) as all hell breaks loose.
  15. Mud, stones, rubbish and anything else pretty gross is obviously fun to put in your mouth/get your hands in to/pick up.
These are just a few of the things that my darling toddler gets up to. I'm sure if you're a parent you can relate to some of these!
What would you add to my list?

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