Monday 6 January 2014

Eliot's 6 Month Update

This post is a over a week late as I was caught up in all the festivities and the blogging went off track...time to get back on it!
A whole half a year old!
Eliot I cannot believe you are six months old already...SIX MONTHS! It's just absolute madness!
At the start of December you experienced your first baby sensory, music and yoga classes, you seemed to enjoy them and we'll be going back soon!
You celebrated your very first Christmas this month, the day before your six month birthday! Of course you were spoilt by everyone and haven't got round to investigating all your new toys, although  you need to be older to play with lots of them. It was such a special Christmas having you in our lives. We all cuddled up in bed when you woke up and looked at what Father Christmas had brought you in your stocking.
Attempting to eat some CDs that were in your stocking

 Next we helped you open some of your presents. Of course you had no idea what was going on but you seemed to enjoy tearing the paper!
Opening gifts
We went to your Nana M's for our Christmas dinner, then came home to open more of your presents.
It was a magical time that will always be remembered!

Generally your personality is continuing to grow! You like a lot of attention and easily get bored. You whine when you've had enough or want something! 
You still have the odd night where you wake up and need a bit of milk to settle you again. We still have you sleeping in our room in your crib but you are looking far too big! We need to move you into your cotbed in your own room, even though daddy and I are reluctant to, it's the next step. 
About a week after your first tooth came through it's next door neighbour arrived and your two bottom front teeth are clear to see!
In the mornings you still wake up with your smiles and babbling, this has also developed.
You can sit up for longer periods of time before getting wobbly.
Nana J has taught you to high five which is so cute! You place you had on ours when we say 'Give me five'. Clever boy!
This evening we booked our first family holiday in April, so daddy and I are very excited.  It's our first holiday altogether but you have already been away with Nana J, Grandad and I back in September when they were thinking of moving to Sussex.

There is no doubt that bottles are still your favourite! You love food too and flap in excitement when you see any or your bottle. In fact it's quite hard to eat around you as you want some even if you'vejust had a bottle or eaten! So we try to eat when you do, otherwise there's lots of whining.
You still have Gaviscon in some of your feeds, I have cut down on using it. Sometimes you are still sick even if you've had it. You still drink 7oz bottles and I dropped your last feed down to this the day before yesterday.
You have tried more foods this month but you still hate carrot so we'll leave trying that again for a while. I am trying to encourage you to feed yourself but I think your are a little lazy and like things to be put in your mouth! That combined with possibly not liking the feel of some foods, this is what I suspect! You're happier holding a rice cake than something cold or sticky like banana or cucumber!
 I'm still persevering with getting you to drink water, although you continue not to be too keen. 

Chomping on a rice cake
You have not been weighed for weeks...I have no idea how much you weigh apart from that it's a lot! You seem to get heavier by the day!

You are in 6-9 month clothes although I will be culling some your sleep suits soon by cutting the toes off! These are what you outgrow first due to your long feet! You are in size 4 nappies too, such a big boy! 

Your Likes/Dislikes

  • You like spending longer periods of time in your Jumperoo and are getting to grips with the walker we bought you for Christmas.
  • You still enjoy being sung to.
  • Bottle and bath time are still two of your favourites!
  • Mimi and Coco still entertain you and you smile and chuckle away at them. Mimi still rubs her head on you even though you grab her fur tightly sometimes. I think she knows you don't understand.
  •  You continue to enjoy being out and about but get cranky when you've had enough.
  • Tummy time is still not your favourite thing but over the past month you seem to enjoy it for very short periods of time.
    Until next month....x

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