Tuesday 28 January 2014

Eliot's 7 Month Update

Oops Mummy has not been on track with dates so this  update is late like last months but only by a couple of days!
I will say this every month I know, but I can't believe you are 7 months old! We are creeping closer and closer to you being a whole year old.
You are growing into such a cheeky chappy! You want to get hold of everything and more often than not put it in your mouth! You also seem to like dropping stuff on the floor so I have to pick it up for you. Although I don't believe you've fully got the hang of this 'game' just yet and will have lots more fun with this in the future!
You have been 'talking' for months now but now you very clearly say 'dada', now we need to work on mama ;) You have started to copy sounds that I make and things that I  do.
You've definitely been teething as we've had lots of drool and a bit of grumpy-ness but no new teeth as yet. You brush your two teeth that you have, or mummy does but really you like to examine the toothbrush.
Over the past couple of weeks you seem more wary of strangers and will often cry if somebody you don't know makes a fuss of you. This isn't always the case so it might be when you are feeling tired.
You adore the people you do know well and flap with excitement when they interact with you. As well as the 'flapping' your legs go and your hands open and close.
The 'biggest event' this month has been moving you into your cotbed in your very own room! We did this last week and you have been fantastic! It's so much better for you as you now have lots of space to move.

You still enjoy your bottles but you have a new found love for food. You are literally like a machine and I'm sure you would eat until you popped!
Last month I said I thought you were lazy with feeding yourself but now I think you were probably still learning what you needed to do. Now you prefer to hold food and feed yourself. You prefer food you can chew as well! You've enjoyed all the new things you've tried and will even eat carrot!!!
Water is also something you are growing to like as you will drink more now with your food and when you are thirsty.
You now have three/four bottles of milk a day. Your first and last feed are 7oz bottles and the other one or two are 4/5oz bottles.
At Nana J's the other day you made us laugh so much with your cheeky/food loving antics! Nana J had a tub of mini brownies and you were on my lap using it as a drum. For a short moment I averted my eyes to send a message to daddy. Before I knew it you had taken the lid off and were stuffing a mini cake into your mouth! I let you have it as it was already in! This photo is the aftermath!
Two or three weeks ago you were weighed and you were a whopping 20lbs! A real chunk!

You are still in most 6-9 month clothes but I think we will be in to 9-12 sleepsuits and trousers imminently.

You got to  bed about 8pm. Most nights you sleep right through but still have the odd time where you will wake  up. Normally a nappy change and more milk get you settled again.
During the day you usually fight napping and if you do it's normally when you're out and about. Mummy is probably going to try and get you to nap in your cotbed.

Your Likes/Dislikes
  • You still like your Jumperoo and Walker. Although you usually are sick because of the jumping around/leaning on your tummy.
  • You continue to love being sung to and I think you might be a rockstar as you love drumming on things.
  • The cats still make you smile and giggle.
  •  Sometimes sudden loud noises startle you like the door buzzer and hoover. At other times they don't worry you at all.
  • Tummy time is increasingly becoming more popular, possibly because you've sussed you can move around with  bit more ease. I wonder when you'll be on the move!
    Until 8 months beautiful boy... xxx

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