Sunday 2 February 2014

The Ordinary Moments #2 A bath in a...bath!

I'm linking up my 'The Ordinary Moments' post on Katies's blog mummydaddyandmemakesthree.

I've read a fair few posts about bath times and when I took these photos on Friday I knew they had to go in my next 'The Ordinary Moments' post.

We have been staying at my parents again this weekend as we are looking to relocate to a nearby county and it's easier to travel from here than from London.

BBB (bath, bottle, bed) has been part of our daily routine since Eliot was a few weeks old. Apart from the first couple, Eliot has always adored bath time. It's definitely one of his favourite daily occurrences!
In the early days Eliot would always have his bath in the sink, when he was getting a bit too big for it we started bathing him in his baby bath at home. At my parents he has a 'mini bath' in a washing up bowl. Usually me and my mum have done it downstairs but he's bonkers about lots of splashing at the moment, so Friday we put his 'mini bath' in the bath! As you can see he has really outgrown this too but it does the function required :) So these photos are precious, as it won't be long until we can no longer do this 'ordinary moment' in the same way.

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