Friday 28 February 2014

Word Of The Week -Strange

I guess this word doesn't sum up my entire week but it does describe how I've been feeling about something all week.
Last Friday we went to a church 'surgery' to discuss/book Eliot getting baptised. It is something I feel uneasy about since my OH mentioned getting it done. I'm not religious in any way and I suppose I feel a bit of a fraud taking my son to be baptised.

My mum was born and raised a catholic but does not 'practice' the religion. On all school forms etc in the religion/faith box she would write or tick catholic. Yet I was never baptised.

The OH's mum is catholic and therefore so is the OH. He was baptised and confirmed as a child. They are both keen for Eliot to be baptised and I have agreed. But I have felt strange about it all week, strange that I don't really have a faith yet I will be baptising my son. And it's hard because there is no compromise, there's no lets meet in the middle. It's either have him baptised or not.
It is not going to hurt or cause any harm to Eliot. Yet I feel like I'm committing a crime because I don't practice a religion.

The whole thing has left me feeling 'strange'.
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