Monday 17 February 2014

Can you SPONSOR me to attend Britums Live 2014?


Teacher 2 Mummy

 Britmums Live, is an event well known in the parent blogger world but if you haven't heard of it, it's a two day conference that connects brands and bloggers, as well as helping bloggers enhance their blog.

As a new blogger I believe attending this event will help me develop and improve my blogging skills, thanks to the opportunity of tutorial sessions and discussions. It will also give me the chance to meet brands and all the fab bloggers I've been connecting with through various social media sites and their blogs.
Teacher 2 Mummy was 'born' in October 2013, documenting life as a first time parent, including the highs and lows, honest views and opinions. I enjoy participating in regular 'bloghops' to connect with others. I've also guest posted on other blogs, including the pbloggers blog.
 I am proud of my little space on the internet, it has grown through a variety of social media networks and the stats are continuing to grow! Last month my blog had over 2700 page views. I currently have over 1200 Twitter followers and over 400 likes on Facebook.

What I need...
I need a family friendly brand/small business to pay for the cost of my Britmums live ticket (£95). I live in London so do not need hotel expenses covered.

What I'm offering my Sponsor
I would love to develop an on-going relationship with a brand/business that can offer sponsorship and I'm open to negotiate what your brand will receive in return for sponsorship. Including the following:
  • Display your linked brand logo on my sidebar for the remainder of 2014.
  • Introduce your brand as my sponsor on Teacher 2 Mummy. Share on Social Media networks.
  • Write more posts before and after the event.
  • Promote your brand through reviewing products and/or hosting a giveaway
  • If applicable, at the event I would wear personalised clothes/badges displaying your brand logo.
  • I am co-organising a parent bloggers meet in London where I can also share information about your brand.
  •  I could add your brand logo to business cards I will be handing out at the event.
I would love to discuss this further, if you can help by Sponsoring Teacher 2 Mummy to attend Britmums Live 2014 please do get in touch here

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