Tuesday 4 February 2014

miamoo Products Review

miamoo skincare products were founded by Saira Khan after years of suffering with very dry skin. At university Saira spent time researching the effects that products can have on different skin types. During this time Saira found her own self care routine to benefit her skin. You can read more of the story here.

As a child I was lucky enough to not have any problems with dry skin. As a young adult I developed a seasonal form of eczema on my hands. It occurs in the colder weather but is also extremely irritated by household cleaning products. I've been prescribed medicated creams which do the job but can make my skin feel much worse before it gets better.
 When Eliot developed some very dry patches of skin and was diagnosed with eczema I was hoping we wouldn't need to use a steroid cream but unfortunately this was one of the potions prescribed for him. I was not keen on putting this on my young baby so would only apply if it became very dry which happens on and off.
So when the opportunity came to review the miamoo travel goodies I jumped at the chance. I'm always on the lookout for products that are free from the 'nasties' to use on Eliot's skin. In all honesty I'm always dubious about whether they'll help or not. However I have been extremely impressed with the miamoo products!

It arrived...

The miamoo products have  'three steps to prevent and heal dry skin'

1. Exfoliating Wash
* fresh locks shampoo
* splashy wash for body & bath
* spritz and wipe

2. Mosturise
* huggy lotion
* cheeky cream

3. Massage
* baba oil

                                           For the bath! 'Splashy Wash' & 'Fresh Locks Shampoo'

 Bath all prepped & ready to go.

To kick off our daily bath routine I've been adding a splash of splashy wash to the water to create some bubble fun! Once Eliot is in I lather it up and give him a wash.  I really love the fresh fragrance of the splashy wash with lemon oil, soya bean, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile and Vitamin E extracts.  The fresh locks shampoo smells just as divine with aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E extracts  They in combination with the other miamoo products have made a real difference to Eliot's skin.

                                        Eliot 'inspecting' his splashy wash & getting nice
                           and clean with the fresh locks shampoo!

The spritz & wipe has been a great alternative to wipes at changing times. It again smells incredibly fresh and cleans off mess easily. I have also found it fantastic for quick cleaning when Eliot has had some reflux and pongs of sick. Along with a change of clothes it leaves Eliot squeaky clean without any 'reflux pong'!

After drying off we move on to step 2. I've been using the cheeky cream mainly on Eliot's cheeks as they can get very dry and it really has made them silky soft! I 've also used it on his bum but not enough to say it's made a difference to any redness.

Inspecting the huggy lotion

 I have been applying the huggy lotion all over but have paid particular attention to his legs as that's where his eczema occurs. Finally I've been using the baba oil with its delicious scent of lavender, on his dry areas.
The first morning after using the miamoo range I noticed a significant difference to Eliot's skin. It was smoother, softer and his dry patches were not as dry. It was a very pleasant surprise as I didn't expect to see results so quickly. After over week of using miamoo products on Eliot's skin in his daily routine, the eczema has disappeared.

I haven't used it on myself but have seen a difference in the skin on my hands through applying it to Eliot.

I have no doubts in recommending miamoo skincare to anyone. Whether it's for adult, baby or child, if you have dry, sensitive skin or are just steering clear of products with all the 'nasties 'it's definitely worth trying!
When  we've almost run out I'll be ordering some more to help keep Eliot's Eczema at bay!

miamoo are offering my readers 10% off their fantastic range! All you need to do is enter Blog13 at the checkout.

* These products were sent for the purpose of this review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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