Wednesday 26 February 2014

Eliot Jude you're 8 months old!

Again this past month has flown by! As we edge closer to your first birthday mummy has come up with a theme for your 1st birthday celebration. You love your cuddly bee 'Bumble' that Nana J bought you when you were born so mummy thought it would be an idea to have a bee themed party after seeing lots of cute ideas on pinterest. I've been busy 'pinning away' and have lots of thoughts on what to do! 
Your little personality is continuing to shine through, you are still a very cheeky chappy who I believe will have a lot temper tantrums in the future as you are strong willed! You like getting your own way and can grumpy about the littlest thing. 
Saying that you are still a very happy baby boy and enjoy getting around in your walker, grabbing things you shouldn't be! We have a bit of a walker game where I creep up behind you and say 'boo', you think this is hilarious and walk a bit further on before turning around and waiting for me to say 'boo' again. This continues until mummy's knees get too sore!
Your legs are getting very strong and you can hold yourself up on the sofa even though you are not really aware you are doing so.
You still babble and chatter away, lots of dada, baba and other gobble-di-goop. Much to my delight you have also said 'Mum'. After dinner one evening I was saying 'mama', ' mum' when all of a sudden you said mum, much to mine and daddy's surprise. I haven't heard it again since so we still need to be working on it!!!
You now have four teeth after your two top ones came through a couple of weeks ago. You are not keen on having them brushed even when I sing a little rhyme to you.
You continue to be wary with people you don't know or haven't seen for a long time, usually crying when they pick you up. Once we've been in their company for a while you are fine.
You are sleeping well in your own room and last night was the first night you have awoke. I think you must have had a bad dream. I gave you your dummy and you went back to sleep.
The weather has been bad but we managed to get you on a swing for your first experience which you loved. We've also tried you facing forward in your pushchair which you seem to like a lot as you are very nosy!
Food continues to be a favourite! You are beginning to be a bit more fussy, spitting out things you would normally be happy to eat or only eating it when there's nothing else on offer. You are loving pasta dishes and you enjoy chomping on chicken!
With bottles I am still giving you a 7oz when you wake up and before you go to bed. Sometimes you don't finish them. You have been having one or two 4oz bottles during the day but often you aren't fussed about them.
We haven't had you weighed lately but you are gaining weight for sure! You get heavier by the second! I can't hold you for too long before I need to give my arms a rest.
You are still in most 6-9 month clothes but we have moved in to some 9-12 month sleepsuits and will need to move into 9-12 month bottoms as your legs and feet are very long.
                                               You weren't keen on these Easter bunny ears!

Apart from last night and when you were teething at Nana J's you have been sleeping right through until about 7.30-8am.
I have been putting you down for  a nap in the morning and you have been going for a sleep. The past two days we've had an earlier lunch and I've put you in your cot after that. Sometimes you sleep for over an hour and at others just twenty minutes!.

Your Likes/Dislikes
  • You love the swings!
  • You like the simple things in life, cardboard boxes, menus, tins to bash on and/or wave around.
  • You have a love/hate relationship with the washing machine. It fascinates you but if you get too close you begin to cry.
  • Mimi and Coco continue to entertain you by just being 'cats'.
  •  You don't like the singing frog toy that mummy was given as a gift many years ago.
  • Tummy time is something you are still happier to do but still not for too long and you can maneuverer yourself around a bit.
  • You found it very amusing when mummy made pigeon coo's at you.
    I wonder what 9 months will bring?! xxx

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