Tuesday 25 February 2014

As Parents are we 'Phased Out?'

If you're a fan of that past TV series, 'Friends' you may recall an episode when the term 'phased out' was used. I'm pretty sure it's Rachel who says it after her break up with Ross, she was worried she was going to be 'phased out' by the rest of the group.
Anyhoo the point of this post is because I felt pretty p'd off the other day, I think it was partly due to hormones but I can also be very sensitive about certain things. What led to me feeling a bit naff was good old facebook and it's updates, and another get together I hadn't been invited to. Ok not the worst thing in the world but it bothered me.

You see before I became pregnant I enjoyed a good old night out (or in) and a few drinkies with my friends. I had a great deal of these nights especially whilst I was at university.
I don't particularly miss that, I'm not looking for nights out where I rock up at home around 3am and end up eating something repulsive! Besides a hangover whilst looking after my baby is not my idea of fun.
On a night out with pals a few years ago.
But what I do miss is seeing my friends regularly, having a catch up and good old gossip! I have various circles of friends who are all at different stages in their lives, only a couple of good friends have children.

What I find hard is not being thought of. When I arrange a get together I like to think I always remember everyone in that particular 'circle' to invite. It seems now I've become a parent I don't get the invite, I presume it's because of the assumption that I will say 'I can't make it'.
It's still nice to be asked though! I would love to catch up, have a night/afternoon off, go to the
theatre/shopping/for dinner.

I am partly to blame though, I suppose I could do more about trying to arrange catch ups. I suppose I'm put off when so 'n' so can't do that date or this one. It can get very complex trying to arrange a meet with a group of pals!

I wouldn't change how my life as a parent is at all! I just wonder if other parents have had similar experiences/felt the same or am I simply being over sensitive about it all?

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