Sunday 9 February 2014

The Ordinary Moments #3 Park Fail

Yesterday was the first Saturday we've been at home for a couple of weeks as we've been looking at properties outside of London.
We wanted to have a fairly chilled day and our main aim was to get to the park so Eliot could have his first experience on a swing. We've planning to do this for weeks but due to weather and other factors we haven't got round to it. It may sound a bit silly but it's also something we want to do as a couple.
When we woke up this morning the sun was shining and I thought this would be our day. Then all of a sudden the weather changed to pouring rain. It was on and off for the rest of the morning but cleared after lunch so we ventured out. Typically on route the heavens opened again.We took shelter in the library which we were planning to go into on our way back as I needed to return some books.
I was pleased we popped in when we did as we caught the end of a story and song time which was fantastic. The guy telling the story had one prop and changed it to represent the characters or parts of the story. He was amazing and had the children totally captivated. Eliot was too young to appreciate it fully but did enjoy the singing at the end. We took out some more books and could see the rain had stopped  so we headed to the park.
It was ridiculously windy so I had my reservations but by the time we got there Eliot was fast asleep in his pushchair. Massive park fail! We turned back and went for coffee to warm up. Hopefully we'll manage to get him on a swing soon!

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