Friday 21 February 2014

The New Granny's Survival Guide Review

After finally finding time to sit and read a book, I'm able to write this review. It was sent by the team at Mumsnet.
I loved the look of the book when I opened the package, its title in pink and a mint green cover with illustrations worked in to the border, very pretty.
The simple 'blurb' at the back says:
'The complete guide for grandparenting for fabulous grans everywhere'
As my mum is most certainly 'fabulous' I was keen to get started and pass it on to her.
There are nine chapters in the book which cover various topics from 'Becoming a gran' to 'Difficult situations'. Throughout the book there are quotes from some 'real grans' of Gransnet sharing their own thoughts and experiences as grandparents. One of the best things about the book are these little insights, often making me smile. One particular favourite was a gran explaining her grandson had bought some homework to do and it happened to be on Venn diagrams, something she didn't have a clue about. I could totally relate to this as teaching has changed so much since I was at school! As a teacher I've often had parents saying 'we didn't learn it like that'.
I think this is a great gift for any gran whether they're due to become a first time gran or not. With mothers day fast approaching it would be ideal.
You can head over to Amazon to pick one of these up.

* I was sent this book for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and entirely my own

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