Sunday 23 February 2014

The Ordinary Moments #5 Socks

Socks...a very ordinary item of clothing we use on our 'tootsies'. For a long time now they have been somewhat of a big interest to Eliot. And by 'interest' I mean him pulling them off, me putting them back on only for the circle to begin again! A very amusing game (for Eliot) especially when chilling in the trolley whilst I try to shop in the supermarket. But this very ordinary moment is a rather big sign, a sign that of how much he has grown, learned and discovered since those early days. Discovering things about the world around him and taking an interest in them. It feels amazing that I am his mum and was able to keep him safe for nine months before he made his appearance in the big wide world. It's incredible how much he's changed since then and what he's learnt. He has a personality and knows what he does and doesn't like. He knows what he wants and doesn't want and communicates these things in his own little ways. I am sad that my baby is growing so quickly but in turn, I'm excited about him learning and discovering the 'next steps'.

I feel so lucky that I am a mother and so proud of my baby boy.

This week again I'm linking up  with the ordinary moments over on Katie's blog.

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