Sunday 16 February 2014

The Ordinary Moments #4 We made it!

I'm linking up with 'The Ordinary Moments' over on Mummy Daddy and Me, you can read more about it here.
You may have seen my ordinary moment last week when we failed to get to the park. This week we finally made it, yay! Eliot had his first ever go on the swings! We thought the weather was going to beat us yet again with winds and showers but we got there!
At first Eliot didn't appear too impressed but his reaction quickly changed and he thoroughly enjoyed his first go on a swing.
Not looking too sure to begin...
Followed by big smiles!
A success!
Eliot also tried the slide with daddy holding on to him but wasn't bothered and definitely enjoyed his swing experience more! He then had a go on the 'big' swings with daddy but obviously prefers being on the swing alone by the look on his face!

Zonked out
To end our park visit we fed a flock of geese who were resting on the grass. Eliot quickly fell asleep but enjoyed watching the geese for a fleeting moment.

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