Saturday 15 February 2014

'Us Time' Valentines Day

As we all know, yesterday was Valentines Day, a day that many couples celebrate. I must admit that this year I wasn't really that fussed about it and didn't swap cards with the OH until after 10pm! However if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a photo I posted of myself and the OH heading out for a late lunch date. Even though I wasn't really bothered about the 'Valentines' aspect, it was great to spend some 'us time' together. I believe 'us time' it is important for a relationship but finding it is easier for some couples than others down to various reasons. We are lucky that OH's mum lives close by so she was able to babysit Eliot for us.
One of my all time favourite things to do is eat out, I've just always loved it whether its with the OH, family or friends. So I was thoroughly looking forward to our Valentines date at my favourite restaurant Siam Central, a Thai restaurant not far from Tottenham Court Road station. Especially since the last visit was a couple of weeks before Eliot was born!

Located on the corner of Windmill Street and Charlotte Street

I was first introduced to this lovely place by a work friend a few years ago and have returned on several occasions.
Its a small restaurant and gets packed even with some downstairs seating. We were lucky we dined a bit later and missed the lunch time rush!

Cute decs

During the week they have an 'express menu' for lunch time where you can choose two courses for £8.50 or three for £10.50. There is a great selection of dishes to choose from, such as the traditional green and red Thai curries and the well known pad Thai (one of my faves!).

Now here come the food pics! They were taken on my iphone so they certainly don't do the food justice. You have to eat it to savour the flavours!

We started with some nibbles, Thai crackers and sweet chilli dip. They are nice and spicy but not greasy like some crackers can be.

We always go for the two course lunch deal. The OH tried the chicken wings for the first time and described them as crispy and tasty but not his favourite starter here.

I went for my 'old faithful' dish, prawn and chicken sesame toast, which were as good as always!

For a main course the OH went for a stir fry with garlic and ground pepper, a dish neither of us had tried. Of course I had a sample and it was delicious, full of flavour and definitely something I would order. The OH had it with beef but there are other options available including tofu for vegetarians.

I was boring and went with one of my favourite dishes, 'drunken rice'. A spicy fried rice dish, I also had it with beef. I hadn't eaten it in such a long time I had to get it! It didn't disappoint and I scoffed the lot!

It was a lovely date, great to spend some quality time with my OH over lunch at my favourite restaurant. I definitely recommend it for lunch/dinner if your visiting London or live here and are 
looking for a new place to try. Unfortunately I don't think it's one for families due to the tight space! I don't recall seeing children here and I'm pretty certain they don't have changing facilities. So its one for a couple or friend date!

What restaurants do you recommend?

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