Tuesday 14 January 2014

Oxo Tot Weaning Tools Review

When I received a tweet from OXO TOT offering me the chance to review their weaning tools, of course I was more than happy! I'd read other reviews and browsed their products at the baby show back in October. I'd been impressed with what I read and saw!
I received a lovely recommendation of what items would be suitable for us at this stage of the weaning process, the On the go feeding spoon and the Divided feeding dish . 
However I was even lucky enough to choose what I'd like to review and went with the on the go spoon and the divided plate. I chose the plate as I planned to start some baby led weaning and thought it would be great for when Eliot was older. I was particularly drawn to it as it has portion sizes of protein, carbs and veg measured for you. This is great to help make sure your little one is getting a balanced meal! It may not be exactly what I need for Eliot now but I chose it because I knew it would be a mealtime must that would grow with him.
I have enjoyed using it and it's brought to light that I may have been giving Eliot too much of protein or carbs so this factor has been incredibly helpful! I have found it very reassuring.  Even though on a recent visit to the health visitor I was told to 'feed him as much as wants' I am not comfortable with this as I believe he would eat until he popped! I certainly do not want to stretch his stomach.

A polished off dinner!

It is Sturdy and hardwearing, sure to survive baby/toddler fun/tantrums when it's flung to the floor while your back is turned for that split second!

I have loved using the on the go spoon both at home and whilst out. It has been perfect when we're out and about. The plastic case means it remains nice and clean prior to use and keeps your change bag smear free after meal time too. Again it is extremely well made. The shape of the tip is angled for easy feeding and soft for little ones mouths, yet not flimsy like other weaning spoons I have used.

Out & about!

When Eliot is older I will be purchasing the Cutlery to match his plate!

Have you used Oxo Tot products?

 *These products were sent to us for the purpose of this review. All opinions & views are my own.

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