Friday 24 January 2014

NappyKind Leg Warmers Review

This review is not a fully positive one unfortunately! I was excited to review the NappyKind leg warmers as I'd read lots of positive reviews about their products on other blogs.

I'll start with the positives!
I adore the range of funky patterns and colours that NappyKind offer and chose the dark blue 'Candy Cane' leg warmers to review.  They are nice and cosy so I have loved using them for layering up on the legs, which is a bit trickier for boys I think! I can see that when Eliot gets on the move they'll be great for some added protection/comfort on his knees. Also when the weathers warmer and we're just having a lazy day at home they will be fab with just a nappy to make change time that bit easier!

Now the not so positive...

Unfortunately after the first wash they started to 'fray' as you can see in the photo. I emailed NappyKind to let them know before I wrote my review. I was a little disappointed with the response I received.
They did apologise for the fraying, they weren't aware of it happening before and said they thought it could be a problem with this particular pair/batch.
However they also said they would 'advise to hand wash delicate items'. This is fine except there are no labels on the leg warmers, nor did they come in any packaging that might give washing recommendations.
On checking the website and page I ordered from there were no instructions there either. So if they should be hand washed it should be in the product info online at the least.
I was disappointed I wasn't offered a replacement. If it had been a shop bought item and I'd taken it back I have no doubts I would have been offered an exchange having worked in retail myself in the past.
So overall I was disappointed with the quality and customer service afterwards but like the function of the product.

What are your experiences with NappyKind products?

* This product was sent at a reduced cost in return for a review. All views and opinions are entirely my own.

**UPDATE: NappyKind did send a replacement pair of leg warmers but the fraying started even before they went in the wash.

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