Wednesday 22 January 2014

The Big 'M'

From crib to cotbed...

Last night was the big 'Move'. Moving Eliot from his crib in our room to a cotbed in his very own room. I knew it had to be done as he was too big for his crib but the thought of moving him out of our room was daunting. There wasn't the option of moving the cotbed into our room as there isn't any space for it.

Last night wasn't planned, there's been talk of the move for a while but I just decided on a whim that yesterday was the day. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the video clip of him testing out his new bed prior to bed time.

We did the bbb (bath, bottle, bed) routine as usual, except for feeding him in his own room, that was new. Eliot was almost asleep when I put him down but his eyes shot open when I did. I expected some sort of protest but nothing. He went off to sleep very happily and slept right through until this morning. I actually felt remarkably calm and not as sad as I expected. But after all he isn't going to stay a baby for long and this is just one of the milestones he has experienced.

 So our first night from crib to cotbed was a success, fingers crossed for tonight :)

How did/do you feel about the transition from parents room to own room?

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