Sunday 13 October 2013

Grange Print Photo Canvas Review

Recently I bought a deal from Wowcher to have a photo montage put on to canvas. I purchased it for Eliot's Nana Mary as her birthday is coming up, and I knew she would love pictures of Eliot. It was a great offer on Wowcher, £7 plus P&P.
So once I got my code through I went to the website and started the process. Firstly you were asked to pick a layout and then upload your pictures. You could choose photos from your computer, facebook, instagram and I think a couple of other sites too. The only downside to this was if you loaded photos from one place and then wanted some from another, it would clear what you had already done. This meant starting all over again! In the end I saved all the photos I wanted to one place and uploaded from there (common sense kicked in).
What I LOVED was that you could zoom in and out on your pics and position them exactly how you wanted them. You were also given the option to change the colouring from what you had your photos in to another e.g. sepia, black & white etc.
Of course it didn't end up being just the £7 plus postage and packaging. I had to choose one option (think it was 'stretch') which cost more to ensure the photos were exactly how I'd positioned them.

Overall I was really impressed with how simple it was to use the site. When it arrived I only wished I'd bought more for our home and for my parents!

With Christmas just around the corner I think these would make great gifts/keepsakes for family or friends. Of course you might want to get it for yourself!

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