Wednesday 9 October 2013

Sleepsuit Rant!

So my gorgeous boy was born heavier (a hefty 9.5lbs!) and longer than your average newborn. My other half says the first thing he noticed was how big his hands and feet were! There was no way he was going to be in any ‘newborn’ sized clothes for long. However I didn’t envisage the ‘sleepsuit problem’ that is leading me to this sleepsuit rant today!

Eliot is 15 weeks exactly today and fits very comfortably into 3-6 months clothes. Sadly his not so little tootsies are outgrowing them already and this is requiring a sleepsuit masscre! In other words, me chopping the toes off.

I know he can wear pj’s and other clothing without the feet in but I just love all in ones, they scream ‘baby’ to me! Of course they keep our lil ones nice and snugly too! Naturally I could buy the next size up but this wouldn’t fit well elsewhere and I wouldn’t be getting the most out of my product!

So this is plea…please can all baby manufacturers make the feet of their all in ones slightly longer for the bubbas with larger feet?
This will ensure less chopping of garments in the future and additionally they can be saved for any siblings. Many thanks!!!
A couple of Eliot's 0-3 month sleepsuits with their entire feet hacked off. I'll just go for the toes in the future!

Do you have the same problem? Have you ever cut any of your babies’ clothes to get more wear?

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