Thursday 3 October 2013

Finding out...

I remember many a year ago back in my teenage days saying to a group of friends, 'when I get pregnant I want to be ready (in terms of age/home/work etc) but I want it to be a surprise'. And that's how it pretty much happened.

My other half and I had discussed having a family on many occasions and decided we would see what happened after my 30th Birthday in September 2012. In October I remember thinking my period was late but not reading into it as I have polycystic ovaries, therefore I'd experienced missed periods before and thought it would be more of a challenge to become pregnant. It crossed my mind that I should take a pregnancy test but put it off as I didn't actually believe I could be pregnant. Then one Thursday, one of my colleagues commented on how I looked different that day and I appeared 'glowing'. I brushed it off but in the back of my mind thought 'maybe I should take a pregnancy test'.

So on a rainy Friday after work I picked up a two pack pregnancy test in the pound shop as I happened to be in there. I thought I don't want to splash out on a fancy digital one just yet, but more so as I didn't think I could be pregnant.

I arrived home and headed straight to the loo! My other half wasn't home and I hadn't mentioned anything to him. Little did we know our lives were going to change...

The tests from the pound shop were strips that you dipped into your wee rather than the usual pee on stick type. I grabbed a disposable plastic cup, did what I had to do and dipped the strip inside. Then I lay it flat on some tissue. I waited for a bit then took a peek...much to my disbelief I could see a faint blue line where it confirmed you were pregnant, so automatically I had to do the second strip. Again it turned blue, I felt an array of emotions, shocked, happy, excited but still did not believe I was pregnant. By this time my partner was home, so I told him 'I think I'm pregnant' and he was as surprised as me! Thinking that the pound shop tests couldn't possibly be right I dashed out again to Superdrug to get another one. Of course it came back positive and it sunk in that we were expecting a bubba!

Still I had to go out the following day and buy a digital one that predicted how many weeks pregnant I was...

                              It was very early days but our pregnancy journey had begun :)

What was your experience of 'finding out' like? Did you take a mountain of tests to confirm?

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