Sunday 27 October 2013

Eliot's 4 month update

This is the first update I have done as I've only recently started blogging.
I cannot believe our boy was four months exactly yesterday, I know every parent says it but I really don't know how we got here so quickly!

Eliot usually sleeps through the night but does have the odd wake up and will need a little milk before going back to sleep. One of my favourite things is waking up to him 'talking' in the mornings and when I go over to pick him up he gives the biggest smiles! He is a happy chappy in the mornings!
He has been determined to sit up since before he was three months, obviously he hasn't quite accomplished it yet but can pull himself up when he holds on to you. 
His hair has grown a lot over the past month.
He has recently got better with hand eye co-ordination and can hold objects and put them towards is mouth. He also grabs hold of anything that passes his grasp, hair, clothing, skin etc etc!
There's a lot more gabbling, gurgling and in the past week or so has developed a high pitched squeal/shriek/scream...lovely!

Eliot adores his bottles and has 7oz bottles during the day and an 8oz bottle before going to bed. In the past month he has started kicking up a fuss when he finishes bottles. He is a reflux baby and has just gone through two boxes of infant Gaviscon after the GP prescribed it and asked us to keep a diary. It certainly makes a difference but he still sometimes brings up a little milk, he'll be reviewed in November.
Earlier today Eliot had his first taste of baby rice and seemed to enjoy it!



I don't know how much he weighs as we haven't been to the health visitor for weeks but the last time we were there he weighed 13lb 10oz, so I'm sure he is somewhere within the 15lb-16lb mark.

Eliot is in 3-6 months clothes but I can see that swiftly changing to 6-9 months with some items. Especially all in ones and jeans etc.

Eliot's Likes/Dislikes
  • In the morning after his first bottle he likes to have a play on his gym but not so keen to go on it at other times of the day.
  • He loves attention and often seeks it by his high pitched squeals.
  • As always loves bottle time. 
  • Loves baths
  • Since 3 months he has become more aware of our cats and has recently started smiling and laughing at them.
  •  Enjoys putting things in his mouth.
  •  Loves being out and about the move, he often gets cranky if we stop!
  • Likes playing with more toys and looking at books.
  • Doesn't like his sleep being disturbed (who does?!)
  • Does not like tummy time

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