Monday 21 October 2013

'First Christmas' Buys

I was out shopping with my mum and Eliot the other day and popped into the Card Factory to pick up a birthday card. However I got distracted by all the 'First Christmas' items. It's Eliot's first Christmas and our first Christmas as parents so a very special time. I thought I'd share the things I picked up.

Stocking £1.99

Tree decoration99p
Teddy/stocking keepsake £2.49

Socks £1.99

What I personally LOVE about the Card Factory is that they don't rip you off with their products. I have seen many beautiful 'First Christmas' products but as Eliot will only have one 'first Christmas I didn't want to be spending more than double on similar items from other places. Of course the 'Special Little Boy' tree decoration can be used for many years to come, until Eliot grows out of it. All can be kept as keepsakes, his current memory box is rather large and I fear one day I will have to do a cull of the things in there :(
Anyhoo back to the 'buys' I think these would make great little extra pressies to add a finishing touch for babies celebrating their first Christmas!
Have you bought any 'First Christmas' items yet? 

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