Tuesday 22 October 2013

The trouble with boys

Eliot a few weeks old pulling his ooo pose!

Now any first time parent to a bouncing bundle of joy has to get used to nappy duties quickly. The thought of nappy changing didn't bother me as I've done it plenty of times before. On the other hand the other half had no idea about changing nappies as he'd barely held a baby never mind changed one! He's now a pro, so all is well.
When it comes to boys every parent has undoubtedly experienced the pee shower! It first happened to me on the post natal ward at hospital. I knew to expect this as I'd heard/read the stories and experienced it with my friends little boy. However I still screeched and jumped back like nobody had ever warned me about it. Naturally it's happened countless times since, he's christened the carpet, the sofa, my parents' sofa, our bed, his changing mat, his clothes, our clothes etc etc. Many of those times I continued to jump back and squeal in horror, which often led my other half to dash in thinking there was some sort of catastrophe. As time has gone on we've gained a pretty good idea of when a pee shower might occur during change time, although he still catches us out :)
I guess the moral of the story is, be prepared with a cover up!
Does your son often catch you out? 

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