Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Baby Show Olympia

At the weekend we went to 'The Baby Show' at Olympia. I was desperate to go to the show back in February whilst I was pregnant but in the end never got round to getting tickets. But the other half got them this time! I thought it would be helpful to do a review for anyone considering going to any of the future 'Baby Shows'

I really enjoyed our day out and would recommend it to any parents but particularly first time expectant parents! There was everything you could possibly ever need for a new arrival under one roof. From big brands such as Maxi Cosi, Mothercare and Tommee Tippee to independent retailers. Pretty much all of them were offering cheaper prices on the day but I would say do your research before you go, as a lot of stuff you can find cheaper elsewhere. For example I was in Tesco the other day about to buy a Gro-Egg that was priced at £13. However I thought I'd wait until the show to see if it was cheaper. That wasn't the case and they were more expensive at £17.50.
I must say I was overwhelmed by all the stalls, when I'm like that  I go in to 'buy mode' so I did have to refrain myself from buying items we didn't really need. With that in mind I think it would be a good idea to go with a list of things you need to purchase and try to avoid impulse buys. Another tip would be to make sure you go round the exhibition at least once to compare prices. Also give haggling a go, someone did it next to me and managed to get a deal to save some money!
We didn't get round to seeing any of the talks with guest speakers/experts but it's worthwhile choosing any you wish to listen to and shopping around them. I would've liked to have gone to the 'First Aid' talk.

For any parents with young children there was a Fisher Price crèche to keep them entertained whilst parents shopped.
There was a big changing area with plenty of changing tables, we used it a few times and never had to wait. They were also giving away packs of Asda nappies and wipes as well as offering them for changing. We came away with three packs of nappies and about five wipes!

Some of the things we got up to...
1. Meeting Apprentice winner Tom at his 'Nipper Clipper' stall.
2. & 3. Eliot and myself testing out the giant Fisher Price bouncer.
4. A view of the exhibition.
What we bought...

Five bibs for £10 from Funky Giraffe after reading Emma's review on her blog Emma and Alfie

They really are lovely and there was such a vast range to choose from, we couldn't decide and were at the stall for ages! They are thick and soft which means the dribble does not get through!
 1.Personalised train. £1 for each letter/carriage. 
2. Pink lining 'Blooming Gorgeous' change bag £55.
3. New invention by Tom from The Apprentice. Baby Nail Clippers & file £5.
I'd been looking at personalised trains on 'Not On The High Street' and had been planning on getting one. When Eliot moves in to his own room his bedding is train themed so I wanted little touches to got with that.
I really like Pink Lining change bags and I've had my eye on them since I was pregnant but never got round to getting one. So when their older designs were on offer for £55 I couldn't resist!
We met Tom who seemed like a genuinely nice guy, asked about Eliot and told us about his son. He also signed our purchase! These nail clippers are great and feel totally different to using other bay nail clippers.
We didn't buy much as obviously with a four month old we have all the 'big' essentials. All in all we had a great afternoon!
Did you go to the baby show?

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