Wednesday 16 October 2013

Time flies...

I cannot believe it has been 16 Weeks since our little boy was born! I know it's a cliche and all parents I know have said exactly the same thing but time really does fly!  It seems like yesterday he was placed on top of me, wrapped in a towel. The first thing I noticed were his little eyes looking all over the place. He had a little cry but wasn't screaming as I imagined he would, I guess that's after Eliot Judewatching too much of One Born Every Minute.
Those first few weeks as a first time mum were hard, harder than I ever I imagined! I reminded myself to savour these precious moments as my little bundle of  joy would not be little for very long. At some point I would have to return to work and not spend my whole day with him.
So I'd say the same to any expecting or very new parents, cherish all the time you have with your new arrival, even through you're getting your head round your new job as a parent. It's so easy to forget these special, unique life changing moments but do because Time flies.

My amazing little boy, I cannot believe you are almost four months!

You've grown and changed so much already!


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