Friday 11 October 2013

The big 'W' prep

Weaning! It comes round quicker than you know and amidst unhooking your nursing bra or preparing formula feeds you need to consider how and when you’re going to start introducing solids to your baby. Be it starting on sloppy mush or getting straight in with baby led weaning.  
That time has come around for us and I’ve been thinking about weaning for the past few weeks 
In recent years the recommended age to introduce weaning has increased to 6 months. The NHS website says:

 ‘Research shows that babies need nothing but breastmilk or infant formula for the first six months of life.  This gives a baby’s digestive system time to develop so that they cope fully with solid foods.’ 

You can read more here

After reading Kerry’s post over at
it’s made me think I should jump straight into baby led.

Our lil chappy
Eliot is 15 weeks and a VERY hungry formula fed baby, he has been on Aptamil hungry for over a month. There is no way I can see him getting to 6 months with just bottles. He already has a larger quantity than most babies for his age and weight.

With this in mind I’ve taken advantage of  supermarket ‘baby events’ and have stocked up on some basic weaning essentials from Tommee Tippee as I am a fan of the brand (future post on that coming soon!).
Cute little first cup!

Handy pots for 'mush' or finger foods on the go.
Beaker for when we move on to 'no handles'

'Shatterproof'' gets my approval! I love the stars, so cute.
I also have some of the Tommee Tippee Explora spoons but left them at my parents.
 Sloppy mush stuff!
  I would love to hear your recommendations on any weaning books!

How old was your baby when you started weaning? What products would you recommend?

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