Friday 22 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 22 Tell us about pets

I am a massive animal lover, and have always adored them. As a child I grew up with a beautiful black Labrador called Benji. He was around before me but wasn't too keen on my arrival, luckily he quickly got used to me. He was such a fun and gentle natured dog. Unfortunately when I was 11 he became ill with a cancerous tumor on his face. Eventually the kindest thing to do was put him to sleep. It was heartbreaking, he really was part of our family.
Of course I had the obligatory goldfish but obviously they are not as much fun as something fluffy and soft! I always wanted a gerbil, guinea pig or rabbit but my mum knew it would be her doing all the looking after so I wasn't ever able to persuade her.
Around the age of 9 I rescued a pigeon who couldn't fly...yes a pigeon, I'm an animal lover remember! Anyway it wasn't eating and one day my dad arrived with two ducklings, yes ducklings! He'd spoken to a pet shop owner who advised the him that the pigeon needed to see other birds eat so it could copy. I was over the moon! Two cute little bundles of fluff, one yellow, one brown. We named them Daffy and Dilly. They did help the pigeon feed and one day he was able to fly away which was nice. Daffy and Dilly continued to grow in both size and character, they were a lot of fun and had their own little personalities. Daffy was an Aylesbury duck, they have white feathers and she liked being handled and wasn't nervous with us. Dilly was a Khaki Campbell, had a beautiful green head and browny feathers elsewhere but was quite timid and didn't particularly like being handled. Just after I'd started secondary school a fox got in to their run and killed them. I was devastated.

The hardest thing about having pets is when you lose them, it puts you off having more in the future.

As a teenager I had a few fish  but no more furry or feathered pets.

Now we have two cats, Mimi and Coco
Mimi not too keen of her Santa outfit last Christmas 
Mimi is the boss and can be a but feisty she does like her cuddles, only when she wants them of course!

Coco reading!

Coco is smaller and more timid, she likes affection at bedtime and often wants attention then.

Have you got any pets?

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