Thursday 14 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 14 What was your hardest age?

After reading some other posts I think I've been really lucky not to have experienced some really tough times.
My childhood and teenage years were happy, I had the odd blip like everyone I suppose but I guess a hard age for me was about 20. I fell out with some close friends over something petty, I was a nanny and not entirely happy with my job. I worked for two wonderful families but I wanted something more. Other good friends were away at uni so I guess it was a bit of a lonely time. I had a boyfriend who my parents did not approve of, so my relationship with them could be strained at times.
One day a friend convinced me I should go to university as it would open up many more doors for me. So the uni application process began, deciding what course to do, filling out the ucas form etc. I was accepted at Birmingham and Brighton universities on their teaching degrees and that was the start of a positive new beginning :) I became friends with the girls I'd fallen out with again and had the best university experience I could have wished for.

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