Sunday 24 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 24 Where is your favourite place to read?

The ultimate place to read for me is in bed, all tucked up nice and cosy with a good book. Saying that  I very rarely read these days, mainly because I don't make the time to. The last thing I read was A Street Cat Named Bob a true story about how a man and cat changed each other's lives, great read if you're a 'cat person' as Bob is a pretty amazing feline!
As a child though I absolutely adored reading, it was one of my stronger subjects. I loved reading series of books,  'The Saddle Club' books and when I was older 'Point Horror' books.
As a teacher I can't stress how important reading is for children, it helps them develop in numerous ways. From using their imagination in play to writing a creative story. Reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction books is essential in my eyes. I just hope my lil man is as fond of reading as I was as a child.

Best place to read! In bed!

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