Saturday, 16 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 16 What is your earliest memory?

Gosh I think I must have been around three or four. We went to the Warner holiday camp in Hayling Island a few times for holidays. They used to have children's clubs so the parents could get a bit of free time. They'd taken us over to the playing field to do some sort of activity, I can't remember what. But I was much more interested in the slide which was like a helter skelter and went round and round. I obviously decided that was more fun and played on there as opposed to with the group. God knows how long I was repeating the process of climbing up the steps and sliding down. At one point I was at the top and looked to see what the group were up to. I remember panic setting in as I was there all alone. I recall running all the way back to the building but not sure if it was my parents or the children's club I managed to find.
Shocking that whoever was in charge of looking after us kids obviously hadn't done a head count or even looked around to see if any of us had strayed.  I was naughty for leaving the group to play on the slide but did have a tendency to disappear. Once I got lost and went into Marks and Spencer's to tell staff I'd lost my mummy. I was well looked after in the staff room with squash and biscuits whilst my poor mu ended up down the police station! She must have been frantic.
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