Sunday 3 November 2013

Mummy Day Off!

On Wednesday I had a 'mummy day off' with a bit of a treat on a spa day at The Weybridge Health Club. Sorry no pics as my iPhone completely broke.
I saw a spa deal on last back in July and thought it would be a perfect and much needed treat as a new mum.  I asked a couple of friends if they fancied it,  one being another mummy and the other a teacher were well and truely on board! So I went ahead and booked a date in August on lastminute.
We needed to book times for our treatments so I set a date with the girls and rang the spa. Much to my dismay booking that date on lastminute didn't guarantee we could be booked in with the spa on the same date, so the nearest date we could all do was October. I was a bit disappointed that my much needed new mummy pamper would have to wait but at least I had it to look forward to.

We arrived just before midday and were given a couple of forms to fill out, one to do with health the other lunch. We decided to order lunch first and sat in the lounge area. The choice of lunch wasn't vast, salad or panini. I went for a mozzarella and sun-dried tomato panini. We also had a glass of wine included which arrived whilst we were waiting for lunch. The lounge area was small and not particularly inviting.
We had a good old natter until lunch arrived and we piped down for a bit. Lunch was not spectacular to say the least, my panini tasted soapy and one of the girls was brought the wrong salad!
After lunch and some more chatting we were shown the facilities and got changed for some time in the pool area.
First of all we took a dip in the hydro pool which was timed to come on and off. Very nice and ample opportunity to catch up with the girlies! Next we ventured into the steam room which didn't feel too hot to begin with but it felt like it increased while we were in there. After this we checked out the sauna, this was hotter and the benches were burning our bums! We couldn't stay in for too long and headed for a few lengths in the pool. Then we got comfy in the hydro pool again  before deciding it was time for  coffee and cake.
Back to the lounge we went, there was only one option on offer, carrot cake. Me and a pal opted for this whilst our other friend went for choccy.
After more gossiping myself and one friend decided to get changed and head to the gym whilst the other went  back to pool area.
It's been a while since I frequented a gym but I enjoyed a little workout on the bike and cross trainer. I was impressed by the machines, touch screen and own tv screen to watch any channel you wished. We also checked out the power plates which are meant to be used for various purposes such as strengthening and relaxing. I did not particularly like it as I felt like my brain was rattling around, however I can see how they do their job.
Finally it was time for a treatments, we had one half an hour treatment and a fifteen minute one. We all chose a half an hour back, neck and shoulder massage and a fifteen minute mini facial.
Both were thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable definitely the best part of the day! Even the beds were heated to keep you cosy!
Overall we had a fantastic day and would go back. I definitely recommend a spa treat anywhere for new mums!

Have you had a mummy day off since becoming a parent?

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