Saturday 2 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 1 Something You Don't Know About Me

This month I'm taking part in National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) which you can read more about on Vonnie's blog
I'm a day late as I found out about it last night, I was keen to take part as my blog is new and I thought it would be a great way get chatting to more lovely bloggers :)
Yesterdays prompt was...
'November 1, 2013Welcome to NaNoBloPo! Share with us something we may not already know about you. Link back to old posts that need some loving.'

Hmmm something that you don't already know about me is that I'm engaged to the other half! In fact I should update my 'About Me' when I get round to it!
He proposed on 23rd December 2012, people who don't really know us too well probably thought it was because I was pregnant! But he'd been planning it for a while and was telling some close friends and family at my Birthday party in September.
There were a few friends involved with the actual proposal,  and as well as verbalising his proposal he put it on a cake too! We never ate it, it's still in the bottom of the freezer!
We didn't think about any planning then as I was pregnant but now we're thinking about 'when' and 'where'. Any wedding planning tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

As my blog is just under a month old there aren't an awful lot of posts so I'll leave one that has got less love than others! Sleepsuit Rant please do leave a comment if you have similar problems :)

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