Monday 4 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 4 Are you easily trcked? Do you fall for things?

When I first saw todays prompt I thought 'me easily tricked? Nah!' Then I thought about it a little more in depth.
I think I am quite a wary person and I may get suspicions about someone/something early on so I'd like to think I'm not easily fooled. However saying that I was thinking back to my school days and there were some silly things I believed. Here's an example!
I used to have pet ducks as a child and must have been talking about them with a school friend. She proceeded to tell me about a time when she'd cracked an egg and a chick was inside, it was fine and chirped about the kitchen counter (apparently)! Bear in mind this was early secondary school! Duh! How could I have been silly enough to believe that. I suppose that is a pretty innocent example. Of course there were situations where I would fancy a guy and they said they would call but never did.  fell for that a couple of times.
I can't think of any recent times where I've fallen for something, as I get older I like to think I'm wiser and not naïve :)

Are you wary or do you believe things easily? 

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