Monday 25 November 2013

Milestone alert...First Tooth!

Last Wednesday I was messaging another mummy blogger about blog templates and how her little boy was getting on with weaning, she also asked if they were any signs of teething with Eliot. 'Hes dribbling, chomping and being grisly but no teeth yet' was along the lines of my response.

The following day  Eliot and I were playing when he decided chomping on my hand would be more fun. That's when I felt something sharp graze across my skin. Was this what I thought it was? After some more feeling and determination at getting a glimpse, I saw it, my lil man's first tooth had cut through! I felt so excited and proud but also sad that he's growing so quickly. He is fond of covering his gum with his tongue so it's hard to get a good look.
Not allowing a tooth pic!


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