Friday 8 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 8 Tell us about your profile picture.

The picture I have on my 'About Me' page is of myself and 'the other half'. It was taken back in 2011 at the Super Saturday festival on Clapham Common in aid of the Paralympic Games, held last year.
It was a great day, we saw several artists, Will Young, The Wanted, The Saturdays, Pixie Lott to name a few. We were even caught on one of the channel 4 cameras, getting our couple of seconds claim to fame!
It's funny to think how it wasn't that long ago and our lives were totally different. Carefree, boozing and boogieing all day/evening long. Now that would be my biggest nightmare, waking up with a cloudy head and having a bubba to look after!
I do love looking back at old photos, reminiscing about all the fun times had. Now I'm looking forward to looking back at all the family photos that we take/have taken.

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