Tuesday 19 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 19 If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?

This is easy for me! If I could have any job in the world it would be as an actress. Not a TV soap star but an academy award winning actress (haha we can but dream huh?!)!
I adored drama at secondary school and took it as one of my GCSE subjects, teachers' said I was good at it. But there's good and there's being good enough to make it in such a cut throat industry.  I didn't pursue it in anyway whatsoever as I believe in the back of my mind there's no way I would ever gain access in to that world.
I was thrilled when we had a drama module in our final year of university, I jumped at the opportunity to take the main role in our group which I think surprised some people. To people I don't know very well or not entirely comfortable around I think I come across as quite shy and quiet. However when I'm in my comfort zone I'm entirely the opposite.
Perhaps in the future I will investigate amateur dramatics as I do thoroughly enjoy acting and it would make a nice little hobby!
Dream on dreamer ;-)

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