Wednesday 6 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 6 Tell us about a time when everything fell into place perfectly

A time when everything slotted into place was when we were buying our current home. I'd always heard about how stressful buying a property was but didn't realise just how stressful it was.
We were in a rented property when one day a letter arrived to tell us that the landlord was selling the flat, therefore we would need to move. To start with we had a look round some other flats available to rent, some we liked, some we didn't and there was one we were quite keen on. Despite liking it there was something that just didn't seem right. I certainly didn't want to be lining someone else's pockets with cash when we could be making an investment. Of course living in London meant it was almost impossible to buy a property due to extortionate prices so I started looking at shared ownership developments. There  were a few new blocks of flats being built and we looked at the show homes.

One development we were particularly interested in due to the location and the fact there was car parking available. I mean being able to park in London without hassle is like finding Gold dust!
We had to choose our preferred apartments from a floor plan and wait to see if our application was successful.
We were so happy when we were offered our first choice apartment, then the fun and games really began! Speaking to financial advisors, being told there was only one mortgage we could apply for as the property was a new build and with all this going on I was also applying for a new job.
It was a long process and were in the place we rented for longer than we should have been and were under pressure to get out. Stress levels were rising! Whenever I called the financial advisors about our mortgage application the underwriters were still making a decision. We received a final date to be out of our flat, so were desperate for a quick decision. If they declined we would be in a right old rut. I
 was in Brighton with friends when I received an email from the financial advisor to inform us that our application had been approved. What a relief!!! We were able to pick up the keys two days before we were due to be out of our rented flat, so literally just in time.
Three years on we're still here but now wanting to move to a house as our family has expanded.

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