Tuesday 26 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 26Eliot's 5 month update

Today my NaBloPoMo post is my little mans 5 month update, he's a whole 5 months today!

Last month was my first update about Eliot. I've decided to change the way I write these updates and will be writing  them to Eliot, so one day he can read them!

5 months old

My special little man, how have you got to five months already?! This time next month you will be half a year old, a whole six months!
You are still pretty good at sleeping through the night, although you still wake up sometimes and will need some milk to go back to sleep. I think sometimes you wake because your teeth have been playing you up. And that's one big milestone you have reached, you have cut your first tooth!!! Last Thursday you were using my hand as a teether and I felt it graze my skin. It's hard to get a good look at it as you poke your tongue over your lower gum.
You still babble in the mornings and give gorgeous smiles.
You are still determined to sit up and can sit forwards for a few seconds now. You can roll on to your side when you really try and can move yourself around in a circle

Bottles are still one of your favourite things and you continue to have four 7oz bottles and an 8oz bottle before you go to bed. If you wake in the night I give you a 5oz bottle and this seems to send you back to sleep.  You have got the idea about holding your bottles and do this sometimes.The doctor has put you on repeat prescription for your reflux for the next couple of months until it is time for another review.
I have been weaning you this month and you are loving trying (most) new things. I made some purees: carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, apple and pear. You do not like carrot, the faces you pulled when trying it did make me laugh. But we will try you again on that that someday soon. Sweet Potato is not your favourite but you will eat a little. You do like the broccoli, apple and pear a lot! You have also tried banana and avocado, you love banana but weren't too sure about the avocado! Yesterday you enjoyed trying a rusk and made a right old mess! At the moment you have a bit of baby rice or porridge for breakfast and a puree later on in the day. I must try you on some new fruit and veg this month! You drink some water but you prefer it from a bottle than out of a beaker.
Feeding yourself

Despite your reflux you have continued to put on weight, three weeks ago you weighed 16lb 10oz at the health visitor. I guess your somewhere between the 17lb10oz and 18lb mark now.

You are rapidly growing out of your 3-6 month clothes and you are in 6-9 month sleepsuits. I must sort your wardrobe again soon. You have a lot of 6-9 month clothes to get through before you grow too big for them!

Enjoying your bath!
Eliot's Likes/Dislikes
  • You were bought a Jumperoo by your Nana Mary for an early Christmas present. On your second go you got the hang of what to do. You like it but only when you're in the right mood!
  • You love being sung to and your current favourites are 'Old Macdonald Had a Farm' and 'If you're happy and you know it'.
  • Still love bottle time. 
  •  You still love baths and lay back with your hands behind your head kicking your feet.
  • You love the cats and follow their every move. I thought it was just Mimi you liked but you smile and laugh at Coco too..
  •  You still love going out on walks in your pram but do not like stopping for too long.
  • You like playing with Sophie the giraffe, your Vtec laptop and teething rattles.
  • Your still not a fan of tummy time.

Jumperoo'ing around

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